A List of Good Websites To Submit Your Canadian Business

Canadian Link Directories

On this page I will add a list of Canadian directories which local Canadian businesses can use to add their website to and as a result increase their traffic and rankings on search engines.

HomeDIY.ca - Great website if you are in the construction or home decor business. Just email them and they respond quickly.

EcoFriendlyCleaning.ca - great website for any Canadian business that is involved in the cleaning industry or any Canadian eco friendly industry.

DraperyInstallers.ca - a great website for any Canadian handyman.

ShuttersToronto.ca – Great for any Canadian company in the windows and doors industry.

PurseCleaning.ca – Awesome website for anyone in the purse or fashion industry.

CleaningInfo.ca – Great website for any Canadian dry cleaner. Submit your high quality article and it gets published quick. I think you have to pay a small fee for a review and revision but its worth it.

RugCleaningTips.com – Great for anyone in the rug cleaning industry. Just submit a great quality article related to rug cleaning and you are in.

niagarafallsblog.ca – For any Canadian company in the tourism industry.

thingstodoinniagarafalls.ca – another great blog to submit your Canadian tour information.

bedbugblog.ca – For any Canadian pest control company.

pestblog.ca – Great for getting your pest related scientific info published.
pestexterminatortoronto.ca – In depth blog looking at the pest control industry in Toronto.

ontarioautoglass.ca – An authority on auto glass related topics. Great to submit a high quality article.

draperystores.ca – a great website looking at the various drapery stores in Canada and rating and analyzing their services.

Healthy Curly Hair.com - a great niche website for anyone in the curly hair products and services industry.

I will be posting more great quality websites on this page. Visit us from time to time:)